Supreme – Indian Teak Wood Blocks

₹4000.00 – 4800.00 ₹3800.00 – 4500.00 + GST exta.


Supreme Indian Teak is best in class and the worlds most finest Teak you can ever get in the market. Supreme Teak is between 40-50 yrs age and because of this its having highest amount of grains and lesser or negligible amount of whiteness.

The grains in it is much more deeper and thicker and that’s why its best for making cots, wardrobe, doors etc. As the grains are much more higher than other Teak wood and the natural beauty of Teak is what that makes it best in class.

Oil content in Indian Teak is more than other Teaks available in the market and that’s why the durability of this is highest available in the market.

And very uniqueness of the Teak wood which we do provide is having natural goldish grains. You can exclusively get this golden grains teak wood with NMT Woods only.

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Wood Type Indian Teak Wood
Brand NMT Woods
Colour Golden Brown
Usage/Application Door Frame (चौखट), Window Frame, Doors, Wardrobe etc.
Thickness Available In 8,9,10,11,12,13 Inches
Length 7-10 Feet
Density 660 Kg/m3
Moisture Content 10-15 %