Navneeth Madhav Timber (N.M.T Woods) is a well-established firm deals in wide range of Indian Teak Wood, Mirandi Wood, Sheesham Wood and Wooden Battens. We are not just supplying across India but also to our Clients all across the globe. We are the largest dealers in New Delhi of Indian Teak Wood also known as King of Teak Wood sellers. If you are looking for the best Indian Teak Wood then this is the place for you. NMT Woods is a name that is established by Mr. Dev Sharma (Owner). Our warehouse is located in Pitampura (New Delhi, INDIA).We have been in operation since 2019 our aim is to provide customer best Quality Teak Wood.

In my field customers always wanted the best quality and long lasting product NMT Woods is the place i always goes for when i wanted the best teak wood.

Ishaan Joshi / Interior Designer

No doubt they are known as the King Of Indian Teak Wood in Delhi when it comes to quality the best Teak Wood you gonna get from these people specially they give free quotation.

Rajesh / Customer

We are the manufacturers of Artifacts and do make historic decor products which required authentic real Teak Wood and this is the only place where we did got real Indian Teak Wood.